Bespoke Gift Hamper’s at The Perfume Closet

It’s what we’re accidentally becoming known for…

We didn’t set out to sell gift hampers… we set out to sell perfume, but perfume is such a beautiful gift and one that cannot be purchased without thoughtfulness. You must think about what someone is like before you can choose which scent they will enjoy. Our gifting and hamper services came about from taking that thoughtfulness and expressing it in the finer details of presentation, to fully show off the intimacy of gifting perfume.

We did our first few hampers and the impact they had on the recipient caused a sensation, with our most common feedback being ”I don’t want to open it!”. Word spread about the ‘Hampers at The Perfume Closet’ and the rest was history.

Now our reputation for gifting precedes us and we offer the option for gift wrap with every order. If you prefer subtlety, then a neatly wrapped present, hand tied with our luxe satin ribbon and set in our gold stamped gift bags will quietly whisper your message.

Whilst if you prefer to boldly sweep someone off their feet then our beautifully arranged hampers will showcase your chosen gifts with the final touches to get you the ooh’s and the aah’s you are after!

We thought you’d like to see real life examples from what our customers have chosen in the past and so have taken some of our most liked hamper and gift pictures from our instagram page and set them out for you here. You will see from the variety of hamper examples below that it is completely customer led. So we can recreate what you see or tailor something new for you to suit you.

Prices for gift wrap start from £2.50, and hamper arrangements start from £5.00. To discuss your hamper requirements please visit us in store or contact us.

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  • Mum loves it, it’s definitely her scent and the packaging! She said she’s never had anything like it! Thank you again!

  • Thankyou ever so much. You should have seen her face 🙂 … She could not believe I had done that…

  • He said it’s wrapped so nicely, he doesn’t want to open it. It’s on our mantel piece! Thank you!

  • Thank you very much for the parcel. I am extremely pleased with the friendly and professional service. I appreciate all the DMS regarding each stage of the postal process…

  • Thank you, I knew I could rely on your correct and honest advice…

  • Thank you so much for giving a fast and excellent service. This is my third time I’ve purchased from you and you’ve been great!