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Life is weird, wonderful and diverse; nothing captures that more perfectly than scent. For every one of life’s varieties there is a scent to suit and I believe everybody should have a Perfume Closet to match life’s moments. That’s where my idea to launch THE PERFUME CLOSET was inspired from; we dress to suit the occasion and so our #perfumeclosets should be on par.

I launched an insta-blog showcasing and celebrating #perfumeclosetsofinstagram, whilst talking scents in between (see what I did there?!). The response was amazing and I even began selling through my Instagram page. When I could no longer cope with the amount of enquiries and orders coming through, this website was born.

What started as a personal passion took a serious turn for the better and I’m now developing The Perfume Closet all the time. The addition of #scentedbeauty has been one of the best things to ever hit The Perfume Closet along with the growing section for home scents and scent accessories.

I’ve also been busy learning from some of the best in the industry. I’ve learnt from Jo Malone about shop keeping and perfumery. I’ve had nose training with Roja Dove, who also taught me how to review a scent correctly. Sarah McCartney gave me insights into the making and selling of perfume and I went back for more training with Roja to study ingredients and the industry in depth. It’s been one heck of a ride and I’ve only just started!

I want to experience the gardens of Grasse I learnt about, and the scented islands of Italy. I’m working on bringing together scents from around the world, different industries and price points to encourage the exploration of scent. You can continue to follow my story on my instapage where I will be posting updates on what I’m getting upto.

I hope to help you discover scents you never would have even thought to try. I’d love to bring enough variety for you at The Perfume Closet so that you #neverfacethedaywithoutscent.

Saj x

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  • Mum loves it, it’s definitely her scent and the packaging! She said she’s never had anything like it! Thank you again!

  • Thankyou ever so much. You should have seen her face 🙂 … She could not believe I had done that…

  • He said it’s wrapped so nicely, he doesn’t want to open it. It’s on our mantel piece! Thank you!

  • Thank you very much for the parcel. I am extremely pleased with the friendly and professional service. I appreciate all the DMS regarding each stage of the postal process…

  • Thank you, I knew I could rely on your correct and honest advice…

  • Thank you so much for giving a fast and excellent service. This is my third time I’ve purchased from you and you’ve been great!