Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors already love us and that’s why we want to partner with them.

It’s a very selective group to get into – we will be picking the cream of the crop.

One of the things that has fuelled the success of The Perfume Closet is collaborations and partnering with popular trending brands on Instagram. My ability to spot the next big thing early on has been a key ingredient in that success. Now I am extending that opportunity to YOU, my customers. I am on the lookout for the best brand ambassadors I could ask for, and in return I will share my access with you to the brands I have been raving about on my instapage

You’ve bought into the hype, you know it’s real and already buy from me. You get it. You know our products well, you already talk about the products all the time to your friends and people you meet. By joining our official partnership program you could earn from it too!

Selling. Yes there will be selling involved and that’s where the fun really starts. It is through the sale of the products you love, that your support will truly shine through. In return you will have the backing of an established and growing brand.

Spaces for ambassadors are limited by geographical location to ensure there’s enough room for every ambassador to own their area, and that is why we must search for the very best.

Once we know which products excite you the most, we’ll tell you more about how to join and what rewards we have available on the program for those products.

an ambassador

If commitment doesn’t scare you, selling excites you, you want exclusive access to our products and you would like to earn with us, then please fill in the enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.

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